Monday, 6 April 2009

The Power of the name.

Do you beleive in God? a lady knocked on my door the other day...and asked me this question, and this is what I said:

‘If God had a name, what would it be...And would you call it to his face...If God had a face what would it look like...And would you want to see...’ Joan Osborne.


The believer of God has first to make their own conception of God. Naturally we cannot make a conception of that which we do not know; of something we have never seen...we can only embody from our mind a form which we already know. And unfortunately the artists of the past, well they loved their blonde wavy locks and pale know that one whose birthday is celebrated across the planet, but, no mention of it in the Bible?


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Anyway...imagine...for instance, if I told you to think of an animal that you had never seen( which actually is quite impossible...we would start from a place that we already know), or which is unlike any you have ever might first attach a birds torso with fins of a fish; for instance; then add the head of a cow, and then perhaps you could imagine wheels of a car and the tail of a branches... (Surreal eh? well...I am an artist).

...a Buddhist may say 'Buddha is my Savior’, or a Christian may praise, 'Christ the divine,' or to a Muslim, ' Muhammad was the seal of the Prophets,' or the Hindu follower speaks of ' Krishna the expression of God,' or a Jew proclaims ‘Lord of hosts’ with the ineffable, unutterable name of Yod-Heh-Vav-Heh(YHVH)...a Pagan might give reverence to the Sacred Bear or a whole host or Calendar of Gods/ an Artists maybe an Alizarin Crimson at Daybreak, or the sound of rushing Water, Wind or even the buzzing of Bees .A Buddhist strives for enlightenment to reach Nirvana. A Sufi might articulate 'you are all justified; you each have your name, individually or collectively.’



...even to the worship of Erebos or Satan; fallen angel or God of darkness...with its mostly Christian depictions of a Pagan horned Goat God (goats which are incidentally amongst some of the most peaceful creatures on the planet)...and their lore and practices (which are mostly subversions of the Christian and Catholic rituals)...and which are fundamentally applications of fear, pain and slavery...and in turn will meet their own Judgment, Karma, Rapture, Armageddon, Saṃsāra, or Diya in their own way...but hey!...lets stay positive here!

'If we blieved in ourselves enough we would not need a God?'


Such a beautiful world you paint Dan...dearest.

(But as with all names, language and description...stories told and retold...adapted to suit the needs of an environment, an age, an archetypal/historical character...and all open to personal and individual interpretation.)

I think maybe now...with the onset of the new age of Aquarius, the move away from the industrial revolution and consumer materialism....with the recycling evolution and saving/healing the Earth...that maybe the great oneness is readdressing the balance and the pendulum swings back toward the feminine principles and Earth worshipping practices. With Wiccan practices, shamanisms, contemporary polytheistic religions and the more nature-based religions and crafts (Even the term Pagan is derived from the Latin paganus, which was an adjective originally meaning, ‘rustic’ or of the ‘country.’) Or maybe it’s just another way for the powers at be (who/whatever they are?) give us what we think we want...another good marketing ploy to control our let's get control of the paranoia, and no...I'm not such a cynic.


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...personally, I think/believe that behind all the names and forms there is an all encompassing, whole universal spirit...with the same truth...and that every commandment, spiritual ethos or religious practice tends to break down to the same common denominator...a vessel to carry an expression and application of thought and feeling.
It seems the only right way is to judge ourselves...and that we do not have the divine power or conclusive judgment to see what truths lay within another’s heart or to condemn another's soul...for I believe the key to our greatest fear and purest love resides within our own selves.

...and I would always hope to manifest good-will towards our regard with love our brethren of the house of Israel...(as our fellow Christian would/should say)...and ‘ to extend to them the hand of fellowship’...(Leviticus)...and ‘that it harm none, do what ye will’...(Wiccan Rede)



One sees it with the right eye and the other with the left eye. If they see with both eyes, maybe then the vision is complete?

It was a shame she nearly fell over my fence to get away from me...bless+


Well maybe the truth is out there...or maybe its just deep inside.

Any comments?

Many kind regards for all your time...*Andromeda+

Tree Wish

As below and so above
Sending love to cleanse and flow
And light the wat for all to see
To go in peace and blessed be*...AndromedaHeightz

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